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Web Marketing Tip – Link your social media posts to relevant pages on your website

When you put a link on your social media posts don’t automatically do it to your websites home page. See if there is a more relevant page to link to. A page that will increase the likelihood on an enquiry or sale.

For example. If you write a Facebook post about a special offer, link it to the page on your website where customers can buy at that special price. It you link to your home page people with end up on that and many will give up. They will not go on to find the page where they can buy at the special offer price.

It is all about making it easy as possible for people.

When I write about websites I link back to the main website design page on our website, not the home page. When I write about invoice books I link to the invoice books page on my website etc, etc.  This way someone who is interested in what has been written can act upon it without having to think about it.

It is all about making it as easy as possible for your potential clients.  If you make it hard you will lose them.

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