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Printed Floor Mats Come To Pembrokeshire!

You can now get printed floor mats in Pembrokeshire for as little as £173! This includes all artwork, logos and your message printed on it to match your corporate branding. You will even get all your proofs and amendments free of charge so prices won’t rise.

Your mat comes with a 5 year guarantee to give you peace of mind and a hard wearing rubber backing. This stops it from slipping on smooth floors. You can also have it fitted with grippers free of charge, if you want it to lie on carpet without moving.

Your mat will be made of a high quality nylon pile so it can be washed with a standard carpet cleaner, to keep it looking fresh. This also means that it can be used in dirty work areas, or as a warning sign such as "Keep Fire Door Shut" or "Safety Equipment Must Be Worn."

The mats even come in a range of 14 sizes from 2 x 3 ft ( 60 x 85 cm ) to 6.5 x 10 ft ( 200 x 300 cm ) to give you plenty of choice. What’s more if you order 5 or more you can have any size you want and even circular mats to make an bigger impact.

Please call Trevor today on 01646 682676 to see a sample of these brilliant mats!


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