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Printing Leaflets on Plastic In Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshires ‘Real First Aid’ needed a very tough small leaflet that could fit into a wallet whilst not being too bulky. What’s more, it had to hold a lot of important information.

There was only one answer – to print the leaflet on  plastic.

Leaflets printed on plastic are very hard wearing because they can take a hammering and cannot be torn by hand. The fact that they are also waterproof goes without saying and makes them perfect for wet environments.
Due to the amount of first aid information needed of such a small leaflet the graphic designer decided to make it a multiple fold leaflet to get it all on  whilst keeping it small.  The results of which you can see here.
In the past we have printed outdoor tent tags on plastic to survive the wettest weather and hardest wind. In addition to this it is perfect for menus in chip shops where paper is destroyed by the grease. Only recently we did this for a chip shop and they were delighted with the results.
If you would like more information about leaflets, tent tags or menus printed on plastic please call Trevor today on 01646 682676.