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Our Invoices Are Changing!

All VAT registered businesses that use traditional ledger based account are being forced to change to digital accounting systems. We have opted to use one of the most respected on the market – QuickBooks. However, this will mean that the bills that we send you for you work will now look a little bit different from how they used to be.

The biggest difference is that they are now being typed rather than hand written. This may make them easier to read now that my roapy hand weighting has been done away with!

Furthermore, the stripes running across the invoice that we use used to use to use instead of lined have also gone. The other big difference is that they are being laser printed. This means they will have a slightly glossy look to them.

The reason for telling you all on this is that we would not want you to think that the invoice you have received is not genuine.

No doubt, some point in the future when we have full got to grips with the system, we will start emailing out our invoices. However, we still keep fasaning them to your printing and design jobs as well.

New Quickbook Invoice Design Service

One interesting thing that has come out of this process. Naimly, the discover that it is quite hard to set up an invoice on Quickbooks that matches a business corporate branding. However, the designs here at Modern Print & design have now mastered this. What’s more, they would be delighted to help you create a Quickbook invoice that matched your corporate branding.

Please call Trevor and the boys today if you have any questions with regards to our new typed invoices. Equally call 01646 682676 if you would like help creating an invoice template for your Quickbooks accounts. Alternatively, send us a message by following this link.


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