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Trevor Attends National Print Expo

Last week Trevor was up at the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham for the Anual Print Show Expo.  This 3 day event is a major showcase for the industry where the latest printing equipment gets show to the UK print sector.  It is attended by printers from all over the country.

The reason for this visit was to find out more about plan printing machines. This is a service that Trevor is thinking of adding to Modern Print & Designs growing product range.  The exhibition was the perfect place to find out more because Hewlett Packard, Epson, Canon and others were in attendance with their wide format plan printing machines. Machines that can print architectural and engineering plans at fast speeds. This is in full colour or black on white up to A1 size – 594mm x 841mm.

Modern Print & Design currently has the ability to laminate up to A1 size and print high quality photos to match but lacks a machine that will produce large affordable plans in bulk. That however, will soon be remedied with a new purchase.

If you use architectural or engineering plans in your work please call today on 01646 682676. Trevor and the boys would love to find out more about your requirements. Only this way can then get the wright plan printing machine to suit your business in Pembrokeshire.

On the way back from the expo Trevor stopped off in Worcester  to have his lunch and took the opportunity to visit the famous cathedral where Local boys Henry VII’s eldest son it buried. Prince Arthur.  Unknown to Trevor the cathedral also contains the body of the infamous King John with was a pleasant surprise. It is king John who is usually portrayed as the villain in Robin Hood Films.

So all it all it was a very successful trip.

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