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UK National Quantum Technology Program

Thank you for your hard work on this. As per Adi’s comments, this is looking absolutely fantastic.

After a round of internal feedback, there are a few edits we’d like (mostly wording at this stage), which I’ve outlined in the attached document. A few more are likely to follow on Monday and potentially beyond. Obviously, depending on the extent of these changes and how late in the day they arrive (we’re waiting on some imagery of Hub labs, etc, and we’re not sure when we’ll be in receipt of these) we may not get these implemented before the end of next week, but we’ll use what we have ready at that stage - what you’ve already delivered looks great, and I know we’ll have a really well-presented and useful publication at the end of the process.

All the best,

Graphic Design for

Physics Dept, Oxford University

A Prestigious Project for The UK National Quantum Technology Program

This prestigious graphic design job was awarded to our designers by the government’s national UK National Quantum Technology Program to develop a Quantum computer. This is a coalition of 17 of the UK’s leading universities led by Oxford University’s department of Physics.

As a result the report had to be designed to a very tight timetable.  This is because the report had to be to circulated to leading UK technology companies and businesses as soon as possible.  Such is the importance of this scientific project to the UK’s national interests.

The UK National Quantum Technology Program report is made up of 24 A4 digital pages. This is because our graphic designers are only designing it rather than both designing and printing it. As a result the client has complete flexibility on how the report is distributed – electronically or in print.

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UK National Quantum Technology Program

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