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Web Marketing Tip – Prepare your ‘Google My Business’ profile for Xmas

Google My Business is a free online business listing that Google gives to every business. You need to keep it up to date – especially at Christmas.

Consider people who are out in town doing some rather panicked last-minute Christmas shopping. They’re probably going to turn to their phone to find some shops to go to who can meet their present-buying needs. This is where your Google My Business profile will shine.

For example, someone looking for some earrings might search for ‘jewellers’. However, Google will take into account the phone’s location to know where the search is being made from. This makes your Google My Business profile really important because it will display business close to the searchers location in the local businesses “pack” which appears right at the top of your phones search.

With this in mind, ensure that you optimise your Google My Business profile and make full use of all its functionality. This maximises your chances of displaying in this local business pack. To do this, make sure you add any relevant photos, encourage customers to leave reviews and perhaps even make a Google Post about a special Christmas offer you’re running. Google Posts are articles you can add to your Google My Business Page that only last for one week, so remember to update them in the run-up to Christmas!

Also, if your opening hours extend over the Christmas period, ensure that you update your Google My Business profile so that people looking for you will know you’re open.

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