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Web Tip – Make sure you check your social media accounts regularly!

It is very important to keep checking your social media accounts regularly, especially the ones you may not use often or might have stopped receiving emails from. You may have received a message, only for the notification to not be delivered. You then end up not being told about it!

This is exactly what happened to Trevor last week. He realised that there had been a strange lack of email notifications from LinkedIn for a few days. Upon checking the account, he found an enquiry which was a few days old. It was from a local firm asking for help with a rebranding project. However, Trevor had not received a  notification from Linkedin about.

For all we know this enquiry could be for a major contract that leads to a considerable amount of follow up work – website design, printing, signage and branding etc. Yet it had been left for 5 days before we contacted them. You can imagine how we felt…so what did we do?

First off, we sent an apology to the firm straight away explaining what had happened. This message was accompanied with our direct contact details and a request for the best telephone number to call them on. What’s more, you can bet your bottom dollar we called them the very next day!

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