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Website Marketing Tip – Post Stories and Articles on Your Google Business Page

Google Business is a free resource given to all businesses by Google. One of the features in it is the ability to write articles about your business. Articles that can boost your websites page ranking resulting in your website gets seen by more people.

Your Google Business listing is linked to your website. So anything you do to your listing will have a knock on beneficial effect on your Google page ranking.  This is because Google owns both the search engine and  Google Business. The two are linked. What is more, Google loves regular changes so adding articles to it will help improve it page ranking which in turn will improve your websites search engine ranking.

For instance, a business like mine should write weekly articles about printing and websites. This is because when people then search for suppliers of these services in Pembrokeshire Google will know from the articles that I have been writing that we supply these services. As a result it improves our website page ranking for these search engine terms. It is as simple as that. Indeed, I wright an article every week linked back to my website and have seen the benefits it brings to my page ranking.

By the same token, Google also knows that we do not cut peoples hair. So they will make sure our page ranking is non existent for this when people search for hairdressers in Pembroke Dock or Pembrokeshire. This is known by then because there are no articles about cutting hair on my Google Business page or website.

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