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Free Website Tip – Get Good Quality Fast Hosting For Your Website

The speed and location of the servers your website is hosted on will affect your page ranking.

A server is the computer that your website is stored on. It allows the internet to find it and you to then view it through search engines such as Google.

However, a lot of cheap website hosting is based in Germany and America. This automatically places you at a disadvantage when compared to a business that uses website hosting servers based in the UK. A UK based server will help give you a better page ranking in Britain when compared to a website hosted on a server in a different country.

Furthermore, these cheap deals often use very slow servers. This again affects your page ranking because search engines such as Google like a fast responses. So not only are many of these cheap deals on slow servers, but also the data has got to travel further to get to you. This slows down the response even further.

We on the other hand use fast, UK based servers for all the websites that we host for customers. This boosts your page ranking and helps your website attract more visitors to it.

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