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What’s The Difference Between Lamination and Encapsulation?

Lamination and Encapsulation are two different ways of applying a plastic coating to paper or card. However what most people call lamination is actually encapsulation.

When you cover a sheet of paper in plastic so that there is a lip going all the way around it, making the whole sheet water tight you are Encapsulating.

On the other hand when you put a very thin layer of plastic on which has no lip, it is Lamination. Lamination is not water tight because moisture can get into the paper through the unsealed edges. However, because it is so thin it is used to give printing a high gloss on really matt finish. Furthermore, it dose not make the paper too thick to fold or score. Indeed the only way the untrained eye can recognise if a sheet of paper is laminated, is if they rip the corner of the sheet. Only that way can you see the layer of plastic.

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What's The Difference Between Lamination and Encapsulation

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