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Your Monthly Web Marketing Tip -Enhance your website with summery subjects

As the weather changes, so does search behaviour. People are out of their houses and on their smartphones, looking for places to go and things to eat. People aren’t searching for the same things in the winter as they are in the summer. No matter what type of business you’re in, you can capitalize on this changing behaviour.
Write blogs on hot summer topics such as :- 
As people fire up their grills, they are searching for recipes on their mobile device.
We have some amazing beaches in Pembrokeshire, giving your favourite a mention could draw extra traffic to your website.
During summer travel season, searches for hotels go up. People are looking for everything from deals to directions.
The one thing even complete strangers can talk about, and it’s a great jumping off point for some solid search marketing.
Local Events
Perhaps you’ve got a local music festival in your town or a big sporting event being hosted near your business.
Writing about on any of these topics can help to drive traffic to your website during summer as you’re not only generating fresh relevant content for your website but you’re also hitting those extra summery keywords that people may not normally search for during other months of the year. Of course, this tip applies to any time of the year, so get creative and start thinking about what people will be searching for in other times of the year such as autumn and winter.

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