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Event Page Web Design – What should I include?

Event page web design can be tricky. When there is so much to get across to your customers; what should you prioritise?

  1. Event Details
    • By far, the most important thing to tell customers is everything that’s happening at your event! If you are running a long event and there are multiple mini-events going on throughout the day, make sure to mention them all along with their their specific start and end times.
  2. Event Times/Dates
    • The second most important thing is when your event is being held and for how long. Your event might just be for a single day or it might run for multiple days. Similarly, you might have differing start times on different days.
  3. Location Map
    • Thirdly, it’s important that people who want to attend your event can find it easily! We advise using an interactive Google Map so your users can move it around to get their bearings. You can also easily leverage the maps system to generate directions to the event from the customer’s home.
  4. Event Media
    • Adding informative pictures or video to your event page can really help to sell tickets or to drive interest. Adding real photographs and video footage of customers enjoying your past events can be a huge benefit to the turnout of the next one!
  5. Call-to-Action
    • Now that your customer knows all about when and where your event is, the last thing to do is get them booked in or at least to enquire! At the end of your event post it’s important that you add a Call-to-Action to prompt people. This could take the form of a button which leads to your ticket sales page or a contact form which collects the customer’s data so you can get back to them.

Event Page Web Design in Pembrokeshire

Our website designers are experienced in creating event page web designs for all purposes. Recently we completed a website for Marcela Mexican Cuisine which featured an event page system. Marcela travels around Pembrokeshire supplying fresh Mexican cuisine, she is often in different places so uses this system to inform customers where they can visit to get hold of her cooking.

If you think a similar system could benefit your business, please get in touch with Modern Print & Design today by calling 01646 682676

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