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Trevor Joins Cardiff Stag Night…. And Day!

 Trevor spent the weekend in Cardiff helping to celebrate at an old friends Stag do with an eclectic mix of friends. Ever heard the one about the police man, historian, teacher, taxman, professor, business man, civil servant, electrician, librarian and  insurance wholesaler?

It was a traditional Stag party with no foreign trips or adventure activities, just plenty of beer and the 6 nations thrilling final. Indeed the day started at 10.30am with a beer tasting class at Brewdog in Cardiff before heading off the the City Arms to watch the Wales game.  
During all of this the Stag, Phil Davies, was dressed in a very convincing Super Ted costume, something that must have traumatized all the children who saw him.
It was then off the Zero Degrees for some top notch pizzas, more rugby and excellent beer.
After this things all became a little hazy, however, I am pleased to announce that to the best on my knowledge none of us ended up in Accident & Emergency or a police cell before the party broke up a 1.30am.  

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