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Custom web development is something that we at Modern Print & Design specialise in.  By which we mean building website for you that are not based on standard bought in templates. Your website will be design to your exact requirements using a completely original design that has been created just for you. Indeed, it is the complete opposite of website systems like Wicks that work on the one size fits all princable.

When you first make contact you will be offered a free, no commitment website design consultation. Something that only a custom web development company can do.

At your free website design consultation every facet of you project will be discussed at length so that we know exactly what you need. This includes –

  • Your logo and branding
  • The website domain name and how it can help you get a good page ranking
  • Email addresses linked to your website
  • Colour scheme to be used
  • The typeface you would like to use
  • Pages that shall be included and how they can boost your page ranking
  • How bloggs and regular website changes will improve your website ranking
  • Your website mobile optimisation for small screens such as phones and tablets
  • and much more besides.

Please call the custom web development company today on 01646 682676 to book your free website design consultation.

The once you have placed your order a static website design proof will be prepared for you by your website designers. This will show you exactly what your website will look like when programed. However, it is a static proof so can you to make as many changes as you want. Just let us know and and we will do it. Only when you are 100% happy with will we begin to programing it into a working website.

This is why so many people use us as their Custom Web Development Company!

Once your website has been built you will again have the chance to make changes to it before you sign is off. It then begins it last stage with is mobile optimisation so that it works well on mobile phones and tablets.

Please call the Custom Web Development Company today on 01646 682676. Or you can send a message by following this link.


Custom Web Development Company

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