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Is gloss paper waterproof?

No. Gloss, silk and mat art papers are not waterproof. These are the papers that are most commonly used for printing leaflets and business cards.

If you get them wet that will absorb the water and eventually disintegrate. However, they can be made waterproof by encapsulating them.

Encapsulation is the process of completely sealing a sheet of paper or card in plastic with a lip all the way around the edge that stop water penetrating. Lamination is often confused with lamination.

Lamination does not waterproof the paper because it does not have a lip going all the way around the sheet. This means that water can penetrate the edge of the paper and get under the plastic covering the front and back surfaces. As mentioned earlier lamination it is often confused with encapsulation.

Kitchen work tops are laminated. They only have a plastic covering on the top and front edge. The back edge and bottom do not have a plastic covering.

Alternatively you can simple print onto synthetic paper which is waterproof because it does not use wood pulp.

We at Modern Print & Design often print on synthetic and plastic papers This is as well as encapsulating and laminating traditional papers and cards.

Please call today on 01646 682676 if you would like a quotation for waterproof printing whether on plastic, synthetic, or traditional papers (with encapsulation). Alternatively, send a written message by following this link.


is gloss paper waterproof?

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