Perspex sign printers in Pembrokeshire for PSM International

PSM International

Sign Printing

PSM International are a large manufacturer of fasteners for the car industry. Indeed they produce tens of millions of them annually at their Pembroke Dock factory and wanted some signs made to celebrate a major new contract which they had landed -supplying the ground-breaking electric car manufacturer Tesla.

For this particular project they wanted to supply their own artwork to our Pembrokeshire sign printers which was no problem; they first asked for some eye catching posters to be printed. However, we suggested to them that if they wanted something that was really eye catching and showed off their products in the very best light, the way to go was transparent Perspex signs printed in Pembrokeshire. This is because is gives the printed surface a brilliant high gloss finish that positively makes the artwork jump off the wall.

To get this effect we print the artwork in reverse on the back of the Perspex. This means that the image when viewed from the front is the right way around and has all the shine and lustre of the Perspex you are reading it through. The depth and vibrancy of the colours are guaranteed by overprinting the back of the Perspex with a solid white ink once the image has been laid down. Without this process the printed image can lose much of it’s intensity.

The final stage of their Perspex signs printing was to drill 4 holes into them, one in each corner. Special brushed chrome mounting screws were then put through these which were then secured to the wall and held the sign away from the surface. This enabled the Perspex signs to be viewed at there very best.

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