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Free Web Marketing Tip – Blogs help boost your search rankings!

One of the easiest and best ways to boost your website’s page ranking is to start writing blog articles.

A blog is a news article or diary entry that is published on your website. You can get blogs outside of your website, but these will not help to boost your business’ website nearly as much.

To help get the much sought-after boost, you’ll need to write your blog articles about things that you think people looking for what you do will type into Google. For example, I think that people might type “invoice book printers” into Google to find firms like mine. Therefore, I have written articles (blogs) about this subject on my website.

Now when you type in “invoice book printers” my blog articles and web pages are more likely to pop up. Give it a go yourself by typing in “invoice book printers” into Google.

What is more, Google likes regular changes to websites and rewards them with a higher page ranking. So the mere fact that you are writing regular blog articles shows that your website is being actively used and will boost your website’s page ranking. Generally speaking, we recommend that you should try and right one blog each week of between 200 and 400 words. However, they can be much smaller.

On occasion we have managed to get a good page ranking with blogs of only 150 words!

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