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Business Card Design for Cyncoed Pure Wool

Business Card Design

Cyncoed Wool approached us to design and print a business card. This was wanted to promote the natural wool they produce from their prize winning flock of Jacob sheep. However, they wanted a card what had a natural earthy feel to it.

The first thing that we did was arrange a time for them to come into the studio. This was for a free, no commitment design briefing with one of our graphic designers. At the meeting we looked at all the material options with them and they settled on natural craft card. This is a card that has an earthy, tactile feel to it. It is also an unbleached brown colour. A colour that has the effect of taking the vibrancy out of any ink colour printed on it. So the print becomes much more muted.

In addition to this it was decided to have rounded corners on the business card to soften the look of it further. This was as opposed to the square corners most business cards have.

As for the logo the client wanted a simple text based design using a tasteful typeface that was not overly ornate. This would be combined with a reproduction of a lovely water colour of their sheep in a woodland setting. The watercolour was supplied to us by them.

One final thing that we helped them with was the accompany text. The purpose of this was to explain exactly what they did because ‘Cyncoed’ by itself did not. We helped the client tru out a couple of descriptions before settling on, “Pure wool from Cyncoeds prize winning pedigree jacob sheep flock.

Cyncoed were delighted with the final printed cards, and said they would be coming back with more design work later in the year.

Please call today on 01646 682676 or follow this link if you would like business cards designed and printed on craft card.