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Instruction Manual Design for Floodgate Ltd Carmarthen

Floodgate Ltd manufacture and sell a  brilliant home flood defence system and are based in Carmarthen, West Wales. Their water defence panels can be fitted into nearly any doorway to stop water entering a house through its entrance. What is more, the panels can be fitted together to form flood defence walls for larger gaps.

Earlier this year they approached us to help them with their new project – a comprehensive, easy to use guide. In other words they needed someone to design an instruction manual for them. An instruction manual that featured self explanatory pictures to illustrate the written instructions.

After all, if and when people are forced to use their floodgates it is an emergence. So they will not have much time to read complicated instructions. Their customers need to see what they have to do in a flash.

The first think we did was hold a full design briefing with Floodgate. It was decided at this meeting that Floodgate would install one of their gates and take photo at every stage of their progress. Our Pembrokeshire instruction manual designers would then turn each photo into a stylish, easy to understand graphic. What is more, we would emphasise any features beyond reality that aids the gates installation. Over all our instruction manual designers drew 20 individual illustrations to accompany the text.

The final printed result of this can be seen in the photos shown. Our client was so pleased they gave us a 5 star review on Google My Business. Please follow this link to see it and others.

If you would like to speak to one of our instruction manual designers in Pembrokeshire please call 01646 682676 today. Alternatively, you can email us by following this link.