Creating Pack Shot Photography in Photoshop Pembrokeshire

Creating Pack Shot Photography in Photoshop for The Calon Wen Dairy Pembrokeshire

Pack Shot Photography

These lovely Pack Shot photos were created especially for Narberth’s Calon Wen Dairy at our Pembrokeshire design studio. What is more, it was all done in Photoshop with the only actual photo taken by us being of a white, unprinted, empty yoghurt pot against a white background! Everything else was done in Photoshop by our highly skilled graphic designers.

The first thing the graphic designers did was find a photograph in our large library of  images of a rural scene that tied into the Calon Wen’s brand image and style. The next thing the graphic designers did to create the finished pack shot photograph was import another photo from the image library but of a wooden platform to go in the foreground. This was then seamlessly blended into the rural scene to make it look as though it was all one photo rather than two glued together!

It was at this stage that the only photograph our graphic designers took was added to the composite image. The white, unlidded yoghurt pot photo was imported into Photoshop & placed on the wood. However, in order to make it look natural the designer added shadows to mimic the effects of the sun in a real photograph.

Once this had been done the graphic designers added a label artwork to the photo of the pot. This artwork had been supplied to us as a PDF which the graphic designers imported into Photoshop and manipulated to turn it from a flat piece of artwork into a contoured image that looked as though it had been stuck to the pot before it was photographed. The same was then done to the lid and a flavour themed item was also added next to the pot.

The final thing done to this excellent piece of work was to slightly blur the distant hills in the composite photos background. This was to fool the eye into thinking that what people were viewing was one photo rather that several put together.

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