Corporate Branding Designers in Pembrokeshire for The Lobster Pot

Corporate Branding Designers Marloes for the Lobster Pot

Corporate Branding Designers - Logo Design

Modern Print & Design is proud to present their corporate branding designers recent project for The Lobster Pot in Marloes, Pembrokeshire. Please call today on 01646 682676 for logo design in Pembrokeshire.

Your vision was clear: a modern logo that encapsulated your business’s essence, with a unique, stylized lobster image. Furthermore, it needed to be adaptable for various applications, and incorporating the colour burgundy from your pub’s decor.

Our team of corporate branding designers began by brainstorming a range of initial logo concepts that aligned with your requirements. We understood that you didn’t want a typical lobster image but something distinctive. From these concepts, we collaborated with you to refine the ideas, resulting in the final corporate brand that represents The Lobster Pot so effectively.

A Unique Graphic

The heart of our design revolves around the stylized lobster icon. Its uniqueness sets you apart in the competitive hospitality industry. Consequently, making a memorable impression on your customers. This lobster design gracefully combines modernity with a nod to tradition, perfectly encapsulating your brand’s identity.

In terms of versatility our corporate branding designers ensured that your logo would shine in various contexts. Whether it’s displayed on a prominent signboard or as a compact social media icon. In other words, it was designed  in different formats and shapes to suit all your needs. This adaptability allows you to maintain a consistent and professional brand image across all marketing platforms.

Harmonising Colours

The choice of burgundy as your corporate branding colour was to echo the inviting atmosphere and warm aesthetics of your pub. This harmonious colour scheme reinforces your brand’s identity and creates a sense of unity across your marketing materials.

At Modern Print & Design, we understand the significance of a strong and cohesive corporate brand. Your new logo and branding not only met but exceed your expectations, reflecting the essence of The Lobster Pot with a modern touch. You were confident that this new branding will resonate with your target audience.

If you’re seeking professional corporate branding designers who can transform your vision into a reality, look no further. Call Modern Print & Design on 01646 682676 today, and let us bring your brand to life. Alternatively send a message by following this link.