TW Inspection Contracts

TW Inspection Contracts Ltd approached the studio to help them develop a logo and brand identity for their new business.  As a result of this a free design consultation was arranged for them at our Pembroke Dock studio.

During the course of this free design consultation they explained that they use ultrasound. This is used to test that metal welds are of the required quality and strength on pipes. Something that is of critical importance in the petrochemical industry.  What is more, they showed our designers what the sound waves look like when fired at a good weld.

This gave the team the idea for the logo you now see here. The W shape was inspired by the ultrasound waves used to distinguish the difference between good and bad welding. It was then styled in complementary colours to give it added impact.

Furthermore, the designers created the ‘TW’ at the top to reflect the modern, no nonsense approach that technology likes this brings to welding. It was then combined with moving all the text to the centre of the card to create the outline of a length of pipe .

To finish it off Leo, the senior graphic designer working on this project did the exact opposite on the back of the card. He flooded it with a photo of a pipe being laid with the logo and ultrasound waves superimposed over the top.

Needless to say TWIC Ltd were delighted with this clever piece of graphic design.

If you would like to speak to one of our Pembrokeshire graphic designers about creating a brand for your business call today on 01646 682676. Alternatively send a message by following this link.