Gin logo designers in Pembrokeshire

Cinnamon Grove Premium Gin

Brand & Logo Design

The owners of Cinnamon Grove Farm approached our experienced designers and marketing advisers to help them develop a brand for a new gin they were launching in Pembrokeshire, West Wales.

The first thing that we had to do was help them choose a name for the gin. Luckily for them their family’s farm name was just perfect for this. Indeed the gin they had developed even contained notes of Cinnamon in it so we strongly recommended that they use it. Cinnamon Grove Premium Gin sounds incredibly appealing to potential customers.

The next thing we set about doing was helping them develop a strap line to accompany their business name. Once again the farm and area provided the inspiration.  The water used to distil their Gin came from a 300 hundred year old well on their farm which is a brilliant selling point. We also knew from experience that shouting that a craft product is made in Pembrokeshire, would give it a real boost in the West Wales Market place – especially when it comes to tourists visiting the area.

Once the product name and strap line had been decided upon the team could move on to developing the actual logo and brand themes.  The owners rightly felt that grey was the perfect colour for a traditional drink being given a modern twist.

Our senior brand developer then went away and researched the market place and get a feel of what styles and brands competitions were using. This is a very important part of brand development because the last thing you want to do is end up with a design that does not stand out on the shelf next to other brands.

Leo quickly got a feel for their competitors and developed a range of 6 brand concepts which he felt would get them noticed in a fast developing market place.

The final brand and logo you see here was an evolution from elements that appeared in two of those initial 6 brand concepts.