Corporate Branding in Pembrokeshire For Pencnwc Holiday Park

Pencnwc Holiday Park

Corporate Branding & Printing

When Pencnwc Holiday Park near New Quay, Ceredigion first approached us they had a long standing logo that had began to show its age and an inconsistent corporate style.

The first thing that we did for them was create a standard colour scheme that would be used on all their printed material. The main colours used were a dark and bright blue with white writing. The reason for this is that blue sends a strong visual message – reliability, safety and security. This is why it is so popular with banks and big businesses.

The second thing that we did was select a group of standard corporate photos that would be used on all their work. This came from our large royalty-free photo library so Pencnwc did not have to pay any more for them. As you can see, these photos show happy families having fun – Pencnwc’s target audience. The idea being that people would be able to relate to them and imagine themselves at the park.

The last part of the project was to design the new logo. To do this our Pembrokeshire graphic designers created 6 logo ideas around a water / beach concept, all of which featured sea life which Cardigan Bay is famous for. The final logo choice can be seen in many of the photos shown here and is perfect for a large coastal holiday park. It also features’ a hidden image within the logo. If you look carefully you will see that the outline of waves are actually in the shape of a whale.

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