Website designers in Pembrokeshire redesign PBS Construction & Design Ltd's website

Website Designers in Pembrokeshire for PBS Construction

Website Design

Existing customers PBS Construction & Design Ltd asked our website designers in Pembrokeshire to redesign their site. This was because the existing design was beginning to show its age and needed a general freshen up. Furthermore, by redesigning the site it would help boost its page ranking because search engines such as Google like to see website change from time to time. As a result, it rewards them with a higher page ranking.

It was decided that PBS Construction & Design’s branding would be left unchanged because it was still fresh and packed a punch. However, the website should to be opened up to utilise the brand across the  full PC monitor widescreen width. This is because since it was first designed PC monitors and become much wider and less square. Consequently, older designs can look a little centered in the middle of the screen.


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A key part of the website’s design is a case study page where the owner can talk about the projects he has been working on. On this page individual case studies can be added in chronological order with photos. Likewise,  a full description of the work undertaken can be written with the said pictures.

As already indicated, changes and additions to your website really help boost your website page ranking. So by making them, not only are you showing visitors what you can do, but also making it more likely they will find your website in the first place.

In addition to the blog, our website designers in Pembrokeshire also designed a reviews page. On this page the comments and emails of happy customers can be shown to visitors. This again creates regular changes to the website improving its page ranking further.

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